Who We Are

Civic Innovators, Not Activists

We are committed to working with the six counties and 22 cities in the greater Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) region. We’re here to help and eager to learn from professional public administrators. And while we’re advocates for open government (we can’t build apps without open data!), we’re non-partisan and public-minded.

We're a group of civic-minded programmers, coders, designers, and extraordinary citizens. We work in partnership with government, non-profit, and technical partners to deploy technology to improve quality of life and increase citizen engagement with civic issues.

Core Team

Code for Sacramento is led by a volunteer Core Team that organizes events, manages strategic partnerships, and ensures fluid communication among cross-functional project teams.

Dan Fey


Dan is a back end software engineer with experiences in application development, distributed systems, and databases. He has been involved with Code For Sacramento since January 2018. Dan loves working with others on open source projects to help the community.

Kevin Fries


Kevin is a fullstack web developer with domain backgrounds including learning healthcare management, e-commerce, e-mail marketing and learning management systems. Now working with CWDS to modernize the digital services protecting children at risk.

Maya Wallace


Maya is interested in empowering communities through data and information. She has worked as a science curriculum designer, community advocate, state government performance auditor, and led strategic communications efforts for organizations addressing housing, public health, smart growth, and sustainable communities. This broad spectrum of experience has sparked her interest in improving the citizen experience around government and other social institutions via open data.

Advisory Board

Coming Soon