• Have You Heard?

    If you haven’t heard already, where have you been!? We’re exactly one week away from the #Hack4Sac Kickoff event held at the Sac County Board of Supervisors Chambers. Teams will have 6 weeks to use data from the Sacramento County Open Data Portal to uncover opportunities and build solutions that will improve our region. A total of $10,000 in cash prizes is up for grabs, as well as the chance to do something great for our city. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about the bright future Sacramento has ahead. We have passionate volunteers and community leaders working to make a lasting impact here. We have government officials that are excited about using technology to enhance civil services. We even have a super easy way for you to register. All we need now is you; your input, your enthusiasm, your creativity.

  • Back to the Future: From Industry to Technology

    It’s no secret that we have transitioned into an age of technology. We are now able to instantly access and share information from almost anywhere in the world. A large number of businesses have either evolved and adapted to use technology, or have closed their doors. Devices like fax machines and even home phone are being used less and less. Its now possible to live, learn, work and shop from the comfort of you own couch if you so choose. The bottom line is, technology has the power to make communication faster, easier, and more efficient.

  • Happy New Year: Here's to 2016 and Beyond

    Thats right folks, time has yet again chugged along into the new year, seemingly with ever increasing pace. Making no stops and holding on to nothing. Teaching us patience and urgency. As we enter an election year, the soil of government is being tilled and worked over. In order for government to work, and work well, we the people must work together to communicate our needs. A computer is a powerful machine, but without a program to run it or give it instructions, it may as well be a paperweight. Likewise, a government by the people, for the people, can not operate succinctly without proper input from the people. As with any system, there are multiple ways to go about this, some of which a large number of citizens either don’t know, don’t care about, or can’t care about because of their own day to day struggles. One of Code for Sacramento’s goals is to serve as a bridge between those citizens and their government.

  • Sac2050 Update: The Region's First Quality of Life Civic Datathon is Almost Here

    You’re invited to the Sac2050 Quality of Life Civic Datathon! This free event will empower volunteers to co-create a dynamic quality of life indicators dashboard for the Sacramento region.

  • Bike Counts App: Helping SABA Handle Bike Audits

    Two weeks ago, Code For Sacramento hosted the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates’ Executive Director Jim Brown. Jim came to us a few weeks back with a problem: SABA does quarterly bike counts on Sacramento streets. These counts require volunteers to watch an intersection for two hours and count every time a bicycle enters the intersection, including collecting certain demographic information. Up until now, these counts were mainly handled on paper with sheets that would have to be tallied and deciphered, then entered into a database. As this was a volunteer effort, there came some issues around consistency with data collection.

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